Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students who were celebrating yesterday as they picked up their fantastic GCSE results.  Despite the increased rigour of the newly reformed GCSEs, the students performed superbly well and we are so proud of them all.

St Mary’s students took GCSE exams in 19 of the new and more challenging GCSE subjects and over 80% of all entries were graded 9-4, compared to a national average of around 66%.    Over 30% of all entries were 9-7, the old A*-A, compared to the national average of 20%.  Students’ achievements were excellent across all subject areas.

Achievement was also very strong in the remaining, old style GCSEs in Russian, Further Maths, Technology, ICT and Business with over 75% of all entries A*-C,  with this pass rate rising to 93% in Further Maths and 100% in Russian.  Equally strong were the vocational GCSEs.  Close to 40% of the 81 entries were Distinctions or starred Distinctions, 70% Merits or better and there was a 100% pass rate.  Well done to everyone!

Remarkably, the newly introduced grade 9, equivalent to the high end of the old A* grade, was achieved by 49 of the school’s 192 year 11 students which was exceptional.  In fact, 141 grades or 8.3% of all exam entries were 9s, compared to a national figure of 4.5%.

It was reported in the press yesterday that nationally just 732 students out of more than 500,000 candidates achieved a clean sweep of all 9s, representing less than 0.2% of the national cohort.  Amazingly, 3 of these students are from St Mary’s.   Whilst we don’t normally single out individuals for exam success, as we are so proud of all of our students’ achievements, we do want to highlight and celebrate our 3 students who are in this very small group of 0.2% of the national cohort.  HUGE congratulations, therefore, go to:-

Emilia Keavney who achieved ten 9s plus an A^ in Further Maths.

Rory Bell who achieved nine 9s plus an A* in Russian and an A* in Further Maths.

Jack Ward who achieved nine 9s plus an A* in Textiles and two starred Distinctions in Performing Arts.

A further 4 students, Lucy Hobbs, Tim Jones, Mrugaya Mulay and Abbie Rai achieved a clean sweep of 9s/8s in all their subjects, the equivalent of 10 or more A*s.  Very well done to them and to 20 other students who also achieved 5+ grade 9s/8s (the equivalent to 5 or more A*s in the old system) which is also fantastic.

All of the results this year reflect the hard work and dedication of all of our students, as well as the outstanding teaching and support that students received from our exceptional staff.  Thanks also go to all parents and carers for their support for their children and the school.  They will be so proud of their children as we are here at St Mary’s.

We look forward to welcoming back our GCSE students into the Sixth Form in September and for those moving on to college or elsewhere, best of luck and keep in touch!

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