Year 11 Students

To access your revision material, there are two different options for you to use. Either using the server method, which works for all students (detailed below) or via Office 365 as outlined here:

  • Type into google “office 365 login” or type the following into the address bar:
  • Students then need to type in their school email address: (for example:
  • Their password is the usual password that they use to login into the school network at St Mary’s
  • Click on “OneDrive” which contains all of their documents and those that are shared with me
  • On the left hand side, they should see an option for “Shared”, click on this and there should be a folder called “Final Exams Summer 2018”
  • Additionally, students will have received an email that they can read by clicking on outlook, which also directs them to the shared resources.

Server Access

  • You need to type the following web address into your web browser (e.g. Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) or click on the link:

  • You will then need to type in your school network username and password.
  • When you login, you will be able to see your personal folder with My Documents and also all of the subject folders (see the picture below for an example):

My documents remote access