Key Stage 3 A website that contains lots of useful information to help guide both creative and analytical writing. Geoff Barton is a former English teacher who has uploaded resources that you can use to help refine your writing – the focus is predominantly on GCSE English Language, but there’s plenty that’s transferable across different subject areas. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to nine playlists that contain interesting and diverse presentations ranging from inspirational fiction you should read to life lessons given by writers Keep up-to-date with current affairs and read some of the good quality journalism on the website. The opinion pieces are worth seeking out. Copy and paste your writing into the app and it’ll analyse the ‘clarity’ of it for you. Useful as a rough guide to improving the readability of your work. Test and develop your knowledge of grammar and punctation by completing the quizzes. Everything from commas to common mistakes are covered. This website contains plenty of information on all things grammar-related, plus more besides. Guidance and quizzes covering key aspects of spelling, punctation and grammar rules. 201 of the most commonly misspelt words in English and simple tips to help you spell them correctly. The English and Media Centre KS3 Pack The English and Media Centre Poetry Pack

Key Stage 4 The British Library – This is your go-to site in terms of really good, challenging content for English Literature. As a starting point, Google ‘British Library + Macbeth’ or ‘British Library + An Inspector Calls’ – you get the idea. There’s lots here to consolidate your knowledge. There are separate areas for both English Literature and English Language. All aspects of the qualifications are covered. A similar(ish) website to BBC Bitesize. You’ll find notes on most of the English Literature texts, plus quizzes to test your knowledge. There’s plenty here to help you revise the core English Literature texts – chapter summaries, character overviews, quizzes and essay questions. This website is one of my favourites. It’s got comprehensive notes on most of the English Literature texts, and there’s also relevant information that you can use to help revise for English Language. This website contains some excellent blogs on the poems from the AQA Power and Conflict cluster. Click on the website link and then type the name of the poem you want to revise into the search bar. Learning From My Mistakes Blog –

Another blogging website. This one contains links to more resources on the poems from the AQA Power and Conflict cluster. It’s worth typing the name of the text (or area) you want to study into the search bar – it’s likely that you’ll find some decent stuff. For example, there are a number of really good articles on Jekyll and Hyde and Macbeth. You can find past papers, mark schemes and exam reports. Look for the ‘assessment resources’ area and go from there.

Key Stage 5

English Language EngLangBlog British Library, Accents and Dialects

English Literature British Library, Discovering Literature Begin reading and following these annotations for King Lear Watch the following clips from the National Theatre’s King Lear, making notes on the ideas and interpretations that arise. You will find a range of notes on your set texts at the following website.